Sunday, July 28, 2013

No.2 on the way!!!

Little green arrow pointing out that baby no.2 is another boy.
We are looking forward to adding to our little family. Life is going to get slightly a bit busier. Can't wait!!!

Levi's 2nd Birthday!!!

Working on decorations and painted Peppa Pigs on party loot bags.

I made the rocket with a few boxes. Was a total hit at the party.
The kids loved it... lol maybe the parents loved it more.

These babies were made by my sister. Part of the kiddies loot bag goodies.
Peppa Pig loot bags with kiddies goodies. Lots of our friends babies have allergies
so it made life a bit easier to put their snacks in individual bags.
My cousins hanging out with Levi.
My little man enjoying his huge Peppa Pig cookie.
My son Levi had his 2nd birthday on the 1st July. Man time has gone by so fast. He is just growing way to quickly for me now. It was so much fun planning a Peppa Pig party. He went through a phase of totally being obsessed with this 5 minute animation that comes on tv in the morning. We have still left some of the decorations up :) He is going through the monkey see monkey do phase. LOL so I have to be very careful of the things that I say and do cause he copies everything. Slowly he is trying to talk now. Such a joy to watch him grow.