Thursday, February 27, 2014

Funtimes with Nana...

So many peaches growing on that tree already.

Thanks to a friend of ours Nana and Grandpa have a playgound at their house.

So much fun!

This little guy just loves singing. This time his singing Twinkle Twinkle!

Anything to water Nana's plants.


Sometimes I get the lucky job to not only just drop Levi off to daycare, but drop daddy off to work as too. This is one of those day! I see it as a nice opportunity for daddy to take him in... sign him in, put his lunch on the bench, help him find his name on the wall, put it close to the hook where his bag will hang for the day, and see him off to enjoy and have an awesome day at daycare.

Awwww my cuties...

Goodnight Asher!

I sometimes feel blurry like this at the end of the day when Asher finally decides to fall asleep. 

Can't complain though, he is a pretty good sleeper.
Thanks to hubby's work buddies... They put together a basket of goodies for Asher before he was born. I absolutely love the lullaby glow worm dolly. It sings my little man to sleep for me.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


This was on an afternoon that Mr 2 year old told me he didn't want to nap.
Mummy always knows when her little man is tied. I sent him to bed and
told him he can read his favourite dinosaur and Spot books.
Not even 5 minutes I went to check on him and he was fast asleep.

Poor Asher! This was in the morning. I fed him, but had to quickly see to Levi
was hungry for breakfast. I usually put Asher back in his bed for his morning nap,
but when I came back to the couch to put him in his bed... he was gone to lalaland.

Hanging out under the playgym!

Levi always hangs close to Asher when he is under the playgym.

Levi has a habit of always playing with Asher's hair.

Asher is having tummytime, but Levi isn't impressed that
Asher isn't enjoying it. So he is trying to comfort him.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bathtime at my house!!!

Since Asher's come along I had to find a way to bath these two littlies together. Such a challenge all on it's own. But totally lots of fun. Asher loves the bath so much, but do you think I could get him to smile. This day Levi was having a nap forevvveeeerrrrr. And Asher was beginning to become a cry baby and I was getting to the point of....... lol! I knew a bath would make Asher happy, so that's what we ended up doing. The running water woke Levi. He totally didn't want to miss out on bathtime with his brother. He was still yawning lots in the bath. And me thinking 'I hope this little man will go to bed tonight without a fight' especially cause he had such a late nap. He did! thank goodness.

Mondays with Nana!

For the last two years since Levi was born I've been spending every Monday at my mum's place. I took advantage of the fact that I can just sit on the couch and read magazines that mum has piled up somewhere in the lounge, or just relax while Levi gets Nana going on every game that he can think of. I also really wanted to make every effort to have one day set aside that Levi gets to hang out with Nana and Grandpa (although Grandpa only gets to see the grandkids for less than an hour before I have to head off home). My mum is such a sport and will play all sorts of games with Levi. Since he can talk all we hear is "Come oooooonnnnn Nana!"Where as Asher has just started smiling and making sounds. He will have his turn to wrapped Nana around his finger!

Hitting a ball on the floor using table tennis bats.

He is so good with aiming where it needs to go and super fast too.

All smiles for Nana

A bit of playtime out the front of the house.

Time to cool of in the paddle pool.

Basketballer in the making...

This little guy can't get enough of basketball. We bought this mini hoop and ball set for him. But as you can see the original ball is nowhere to be found because it is way too small and just not good enough mummy. Using a mini soccer ball is way cooler. He likes to say,"I throw a ball" meaning can you please set the hoop up for me! Just love this two year old language that I sometimes am still finding hard to understand.

Friday, February 21, 2014

My busy boy!

Sometimes he can totally give you a facial that just means... No Photo Mum! Lol he has said it to his Nana at one point. But never to me. Must just be because the camera is never too far away. This monkey is just growing up way to fast these days. Talking too much and just way to busy and energetic for me at times. Love him too bits.


Way too excited when daddy arrives home from work. I couldn't not take a few shots of this moment. Way too cute.

Who could resist this cutie.

Mummy swim please...

Lol I know a huge paddle pool with next to nothing water in it. I guess a 2 year old doesn't really care. Just as long as he can play and 'swim'

Fun on a hot day!

One of those humid days where my toddler totally drives me crazy and we decide to play in the water for a bit of fun. January sunshine!!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Conversation Starters...

Conversation starters for mums...
I run a mummy connect group and tonight I thought of creating some conversation starters to use for an ice-breaker. It is a fortnightly group where a group of mums come together with their babies/kids. We drink coffee/tea and have a good old discussion. The year for us has just begun! We just had our first group this past Tuesday and it was so nice to catch up with everyone. Some went camping... who are not usually the camping type. Some of us had new additions to our families. Some are expecting new additions this year. And sadly some of our amazing mums won't be attending our group any longer due to circumstances. So I am really going to have to do my homework and recruit some new mums to join our group.

It is a Christian based group. I love doing my lessons in relation to what our days are like as mum, wife, daughter, friend. And as you all will know it is a never ending job!

I look forward to what this year has in store for us. Especially as our kids are growing older and there are always new challenges to face. This group always helps me to listen to what other mums experience in their journey of motherhood.

Friday, February 7, 2014

15 years.....

Wow I can't even believe how fast time really just flies by! 15 years ago my older sister and I arrived in New Zealand from South Africa to start afresh. It was so hard at first, everything about NZ was just so slow and so behind. Where SA was so loud and crazy and so much fun. Took us a few months to adjust to the lifestyle and even longer to grow to love being here. Deep down in my heard SA will always be home. Afrikaans is the norm! People tend to think because we live here we can't speak or understand it anymore. REALLY!!! Come onnnnnn... Ons taal, bly ons taal!

So much has happened in these 15 years. Good and bad! But lets just focus on the good. Looking forward to many more wonderful years in beautiful NZ!