Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day-14 A reminder of blessings!

Proverbs 31:29-31 was a verse I received on my birthday this year. I have it on my wall in my studio above my mac so that every-time I sit there I see it. It reminds me everyday of how blessed I am. In every aspect of my life I never forget to put God first. I love the Lord with my whole being and I could never imagine living it without Him. Amen!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day-13 Something to look forward to!

Well this year Christmas we will have our newest addition to the family join us, baby no.2 (due 1st Dec). It's going to be a very busy, yet sleepless time of the year for me. I am totally looking forward to it. At least this time around I know what I am getting myself into :) I have no idea what we will be doing in regards to Christmas day, but oh well... we'll just have to wait and see. I am not one to cart a new baby around so I say we're having Christmas at our house this year. It will be a fun first Christmas for baby no matter what!

I am also looking forward to the coming years and all the fun things we will do as a family. Having family traditions and passing those onto our boys. Makes me think of days to come where we will reminisce on the past and all the memories we made together as a family. My family use to camp every end of the year holidays and those were the best times of the year and one of the things I will never forget. We love camping and will definitely be carrying that on...
We love music and singing! There is no doubt that Levi loves music and is totally crazy about the drums! Oh dear! It's all good though, I love it <3 For as long as I can remember we have always been involved with music in church. I would love for my kids to grow up loving Jesus the way we do and love to Praise & Worship him in song!

I look forward to the future with my family!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day-12 Something that Overwhelms you!

Well to start off by saying there are so many things that overwhelm me. And I was thinking about something to do for todays photo.

But when we went on our little family road trip to Hahei Beach yesterday... Wow!!! the view while driving was amazing. The ocean view while relaxing on the beach was beautiful. And we took a little drive up to the beginning of the walk to Cathedral Cove and I just loved it. And while sitting stuck in traffic with all the holiday makers making there was home, it was so nice to able to watch the sun go down behind those green hills.

I guess I can say that I am totally amazed and overwhelmed by our God who created such a beautiful land for us to appreciate.

Just beautiful

On our way to Hahei

Hahei Beach

Cathedral Cove Lookout spot

To the left of the previous shot

Watching the sunset while stuck in traffic 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day-11 Something that makes you smile!

Today Levi having his nap made me smile only because without him knowing. I sleep the same way. I have a habit of falling asleep with one hand under my head. Clearly something that he doesn't copy, it's just natural instinct. I think it is so cute.

These always make me smile. Since Levi started Day Care I have endless amounts of these beautiful artworks that come home for me to treasure. I bought a book to paste them all in so that I can keep them forever.

This definitely makes me smile. For the 7 years that I have been married to my wonderful husband he has never owned a dresser. A few weeks ago he bought these two babies. He had to assemble them together all by himself. I was so proud of him, he was so determined to get it done all in one day. I have a huge smile every time I see these dressers in my room instead of an endless amount of clothes lying on his side of the room.

I had to smile today when I walked into hubby's pc/music room and took this shot. He has so many precious things in that room. In a few weeks time our baby no.2 is arriving and daddy has willfully given up his special room for baby to sleep in. It will probably be for a wee while before Levi will be able to share his room with the new baby.

Every day my lounge looks like this. I love it!!! I am so blessed to have a little person running around my house that brings so much joy to our lives and always makes us smile.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day-10 Photo of home!

A postcard my dad brought back from SA for me.

Well at heart I will always be a South African. I was born in Cape Town and lived there until I was in my teens before my parents decided to immigrate. There is so much that I miss about not living there anymore. The beautiful scenery, the amazing beaches that were just 20 minutes from our house, but most of all my family and friends... and boy there are so many of them. To this day family and friends back home still ask whether I can still speak Afrikaans. How could you ever forget a language when you still speak it everyday. LOL! I try my best to teach it to my son, Levi by speaking it to him and it's so nice to watch him respond by understanding what I am saying. I am blessed to be able to speak two languages fluently. I know there are some SA friends of mine who don't speak or understand Afrikaans. To go back for a visit one day is just in my dreams... one day when I can afford it, it might happen.

New Zealand the way I know it.
Well I wasn't too impressed years ago when my parents decided to begin a new life here for us, but of course that didn't last very long. It's been an amazing 14 years in this country so far and so many more to come. Every word on that photo is exactly what NZ is all about. I have grown to love this country I call home now and have done so much here that I am so grateful to God for. There is so much about living here that I love so much I wouldn't even know where to begin. I guess you just have to pop over from wherever you live to know what I mean :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day-9 Someone you call friend!

Today was a bit of a hard one for me knowing that I have so many friends that I hold dear to my heart. But I thought I would go back to South Africa about -+15 years...

Taken in 1999 in Cape Town, South Africa
top - House in Lotus River
Middle - Anastacia's daddy's taxi
Bottom - At Sharon AOG

Love you girlies!
These lovely ladies are some friends that I use to sing, laugh and cry with back in the day. We've all known each other in different ways and different lengths of time, but there has always been that bond that somehow still holds us together even though we are miles away from each other. All of our lives have changed in so many ways. We all have kids except for Anastacia :) The youngest of us was the first one to become a mummy and what cute babies we have.

Even though the only way we keep in contact is via Facebook or Whatsapp, thank goodness for the internet! What an amazing invention to be able to keep contact with you guys. And even though we don't chat everyday or as often as we would want to... I still call you ladies my friends and I love you all to bits. We had so many good times together... Who knows one day we might see each other again. Big hugs and kisses.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Day-8 A Gift From Someone!

I thought about this one..... and came up with three gifts. One I received years ago, one very recent and one I received today!

A gift I received years ago
When Quinton and I were still dating, which now feels like donkey's years ago, he bought me a ring which he placed in this jewellery box. No it was an engagement ring! It was much too soon then to pop that question. He was always full of surprises when we were dating. We walked past a random shop in the city one day and I really like the ring I saw in the window. Sorry to say I don't have the ring anymore... it was a very bling ring. Don't even have a clue where it might be. But anyways, if I ever said something was really pretty or I liked something he would make a way to surprise me by buying it for me. In most ways he hasn't changed. This time I would say I really like something, but will add that I don't want it, I just like it. LOL!!! This jewellery box is way too small these days to hold any of my jewellery, but I still love it so much. Don't think I could ever get rid of it.

A recent gift
My in-laws have recently done a bit of traveling and before they left my mother-in-law asked what would I love for her to bring back for me from Duty Free. Mmmmmmm the choices!!! I was running low on facial moisturizer, so that's what I requested. To my surprise I was gifted with this yummy facial moisturizer. I have never spent that much money on a moisturizer, so I treat it like gold. Been using it for a few weeks now and think I might have to invest in another bottle when this one is finished. It is so well worth it.

A gift I received today
We spend every Monday with my mum on her day off. Sometime during the day Levi brought me a few flowers at a time. Such a sweety!!! This was my little collection for the day. I forgot my camera at home, so had to wait till we arrived back home to take a photo of it. It's the only reason I have for them looking like they have totally had it. At least the little man always knows how to steal his mums heart!

While thinking of what pics to take for today... I was thinking of the reality that somethings can last forever, some for a while and some for not too long. Always appreciate the things you have while they last!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day-7 Your Guilty Pleasure!

St. Heliers
Yesterday because the boys were so tired they had the longest naps. Yes hubby and son totally zonked out! I was like what the!!!! When they woke, more than an hour later I decided that we were going on a little drive. We were intentionally going to Mission Bay, but as always a 'mission' to find parking so we just kept driving to St. Heliers. Treated ourselves to some yummy Bakers Delight savories and sweet breads and found a comfy bench and has a picnic. Of course Levi couldn't sit still after he finished that sweet bun LOL. He started climbing trees and all sorts. So we walked back to Kahve Restaurant and bought me a yummy Cappuccino.

Mmmmmm Cappuccino in hand while daddy has playtime with Levi.
I thought since daddy is around why not indulge in my guilty pleasure, a delicious coffee, while daddy runs around and keeps an eye on Levi. We ended up hanging out in the playground till after 6pm. How delightful!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day-6 A Sacrifice!

At the moment I am pregnant with baby no.2 and to me for the nine months I think there are a lot of things I have to sacrifice. So many yummy foods I have to give up at this time like sushi, medium-rare steak, soft cheeses, chocolate mousse, a runny egg ahhhhhhhhh the list could go on forever. Well that is for me. I try my best to stick to the lists on all the handouts I get from my midwife to only eat fresh cooked meals and all the rest of it. How many pregnant woman actually do what they are told who knows!!!

Also people tend to love to ask about morning sickness... Did you have morning sickness? Who cares, that only lasted for so long for me... it's more the rest of the time when you get bigger and can't think of what to wear? How to tie your shoe laces? How to bend down to cut my toe nails? Having baby-brain and starting a conversation and halfway through the sentence not knowing what you were actually wanting to say! Being really forgetful! Sitting in a comfy couch and taking forever to get up out of it. Having to go to the toilet what feels like every 5 minutes. Don't even mention trying to roll over in bed when you need to go in the middle of the night LOL.

I know totally sounds like I am having a moan!!!

But it's a good sacrifice to me because it only lasts for so long and then you have these little people surrounding you that need you 24/7 and it doesn't matter, because you just love them so much in a way that you can't explain.
Levi giving my 34 week bump a kissie...

Was trying to take a pic of my bump with my feet sticking out the bottom and all this while standing on my bed. But Levi thought we were meant to be jumping on the bed. I took so many pics, but this was my favourite!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Day-5 Something you might take for granted!

Some of the things on my list...
Since yesterday, because I know what is next on the list to photograph, I couldn't think of how to photograph some of the things I wanted to add to my list today. So I took it to photographing the words. Thought it looked more interesting this way.

Life - it is such a precious thing! Being here to experience all that life has to offer is amazing. Being pregnant has helped me to understand what my mummy had to go through with me(or any mum). You have this little person growing inside of you. Just thinking about it WOW! Amazing! I am so grateful to God for creating us the way he does.

Time - Man does it just fly by sometimes! It's crazy how it does. +-2 years ago I gave birth to Levi... It just feels like yesterday. Sometimes, just sometimes I wish there were more hours in a day!

Money - I have an amazing husband who goes to work everyday and works hard for his family. I can easily drive to the supermarket and buy things that I need. There are people out there who don't have a job, who can't afford things, who just have a really hard life when it comes to money. I think it is so easy to take it for for granted sometimes especially when most times there is always money in your bank account.

My Bed - Yes I do have to share it with hubby. But I know there are people out there who live on the street, in the cold. Not just in New Zealand, but all over the world. I am so privileged to have a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in. How many times have you gone to bed at night thinking about all those others who are wondering all day long where they are going to sleep tonight.

Don't take the precious things you have in your life for granted!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day-4 A Recent Achievement!

A very helpful list I found on that totally worked for us... eventually!

Came home from Mainly Music, had a snack/lunch & nap-time. (usually would be around 2 or 3pm)

Fast asleep with teddies, trains and goodness knows what!
For any mum who can relate to this will totally know that this is an achievement.

My husband and I decided that neither of us want to stay with Levi in his room anymore at night while putting him to sleep. We were those parents that rock, sing, stay in the room with our baby until he was fast asleep... which is just tiring in itself. We knew it was going to be a struggle with a lot of tears and us having to be strong. We found a list on that had really good tips on how to go about it. After a few weeks of sticking to the new routine, it became easier to put him to bed at night and have him stay there even with the door wide open.

It took months for him to enjoy nap-time. It became a real struggle for me. He only ever wanted to nap on the couch, I couldn't get anything done that way only because it would take him forever to fall asleep. Just this week beginning on Tuesday he decided to tell me that it's nap-time and happily lying down to change his nappy, getting under the blanket and saying,'night, night!' I thought ok sounds good to me. Thinking he'd just be playing in his room... a few minutes later, fast asleep under the blanket, just where I left him.

My little person is growing up now. Love him too bits!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day-3 Something you can't live without!

My little hide out studio in the back room. Especially when Levi is having a nap or late at night crafting away.

Different kinds of magazines to research and get my creative ideas from.

A total need, but it's a bit of an all-in-one.

At the moment this baby is my best friend.

If you know me well... I need one of these in the kitchen. Always something that needs to be written down or a date that needs to be remembered. 

My gorgeous boys! Could definitely not live without these guys :) 

My favourite Bible verse... Jeremiah 29:11 
There are just way too many things that I can't live without!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


2. Your favourite colour
Since I can remember my favourite colour has been blue - aqua, turquoise... I just love it.

I was thinking about how to show you what my favourite colour is and this is what I came up with. Displaying some of the things in my life that could in fact tell a little story about me. I'll begin from the top left hand corner.

Pens - I love writing cards, notes, letters, doodling...
Craft paper - I make cards and this is one of the paper pads I have to make cards for guys.
Earings - love them!
Subaru model car - was a toy of my late Father-In-Law.
the noisy book - first colourful book I read to Levi that he absolutely loved.
Hersheys kisses - love chocolate!
Napolean eye shadow powder - my sister bought this for me and it never seems to run out.
Buttons - I have sooooooo many...
Shoes - Levi's first and only blue pair of shoes that I love.
Dolphins - love them! Went through a phase where everything I owned had dolphins on it!
Building blocks - wooden toys are so the way to go, non-breakable and safe!
tiny pegs - Love using them as embellishments on cards that I make.
But God - my life wouldn't be what it is today without God. Love Him!
Necklace - gift from a cousin one year for Christmas. Love!!!
notebook - a notebook to write thoughts, memories, quotes... it's always in my lounge ready for me to write something in it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Photo-a-day-countdown! Day-1

A photo that I found to begin this lovely journey of pics with a few of my friends... a way for me to get to use my Sony a390 everyday for 30 days straight! 
1. One of your greatest blessing
I took so many pics of things that I could think of that are blessings to me, but this guy has got to take the cake. My beautiful Cleo! He turned 13 years old this year and has been one of my best buddies ever. We came to New Zealand from South Africa 14 years ago. Exciting, but also a very sad time for me... Took me a while to adjust and love being here. I had a cat back home that I loved dearly, but sadly enough had to leave him behind. I cried so much the day we took him to the SPCA. A year after being NZ my cousin gifted me with a tiny gorgeous black cat that I fell in love with straight away and yes there was an instant bond. He is just the sweetest thing. Animal lovers would sooooo totally understand :) We have had a few moments when we have thought it was his last few days, but he is still around. Don't even want to think about what I am going to do when he is no longer here.