Thursday, April 9, 2015


not a fan of wasps... at the moment we have so many around our place

tiny bug on dandelion shoot

lol sometimes my hair looks like this!

sometimes I wish ants could just sit still so I could take their picture.
took so many shots before I got the right one.

empty snail shell

i love how see through this leaf appears when it's dead

spiderweb, i found it interesting that it had this hole in the middle.
All taken in my own backyard!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Favourite photo's I took in March...


#natural light



#the letter "C"

#upside down


#the letter "O"


Last week this time I was thinking about how I was going to put this all together to make some really cute engagement cards for some friends of ours. I love polaroid photos! These little ones I bought from a shop called Typo <<<< This link is for their Instagram page. I love it! I love making cards that are just totally personal and for the moment.


love the leaves changing colour

at our favourite playground close to home

I have a thing for pine cones. love them.

some leaves i picked up in the front of my house.

it's been raining a lot this week

tree in the front of my house
spent this day at the Museum with my little family