Tuesday, September 30, 2014

30 Day Challenge_11_Memories

For the past few weeks I have been organizing my mum's 60th birthday together with my sisters. As I have boys I will never get to plan a girly party... so I thought here is my chance. My mum has so many favourite colours. When I asked her what her favourite colour was she said Oh I love Autumn colours. So yep you can imagine! It was good fun though thinking I was going to spend forever making pom poms in her favourite colours I found some that were ready made.

I took a stash of my mums photo albums home one day and scanned way to many photos to create this memory 60th board for her. She only realized that it was a 60 made up of photos when she got really close to it and of course she had tears in her eyes. Was a lot of crazy fun creating it!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

30 Day Challenge_10_Frozen

For dinner tonight I was going to create something with veges and bacon. The bacon came out of the freezer and I usually #freeze it when we buy it. Four slices in Glad baggies, only because we never eat the whole lot in one go. Anyways when I defrosted the bacon and bit I opened the bag and tried to get rid of the ice surrounding it... cause no one wants to eat soggy bacon... this is what it looked like. This layers of ice. I loved it!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

30 Day Challenge_9_Unique

I am lucky to get to spend every Monday with my mum on her day off. In a sense she loves it more cause she gets to see the boys. And she is totally zonked every Monday after Levi has instructed her on what game they will be playing next. Fun part for Levi is baking these yummy biscuits with Nana most Mondays. We always buy them for him from a coffee shop in the mall when we go there. But mum decided to buy the gingerbread man cookie cutter and make her own. He absolutely loves them! I know for sure each cookie is totally #unique. :)

Notice the missing arms... Levi helped himself to the arms when the cookies
were still on the cooling rack!

#unique little guys

Monday, September 15, 2014

30 Day Challenge_8_Ripe

Heheheehehhee if you know Levi he will have a banana for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I've been saving this banana on the kitchen bench for this shoot. While trying to take a picture of it on the dining room table, Levi kept getting his hand in the shot and all I hear is... I want to banana mum! So of course who doesn't care about eating a #ripe banana.... Just like his mummy. They taste so much sweeter that way!

#ripe banana

Totally made me laugh... my little monkey!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

30 Day Challenge_7_Ouch

Well this is totally as sore as it looks. This I took the first night we were in hospital with Asher. Waitakere Hospital would not send us to Starship Children's Hospital until Asher had an IV in his leg or hand. They needed to put fluids in his system before we could leave. And crazy as it sounds no one could find a vein. I lost count of how many doctors had a turn trying to poke and prod his tiny body looking for a vein. After about an hour or so they gave in and decided to use this method... one of the doctors used a drill to rather get a needle into his bone because the vein just was not an option. The whole experience was traumatic for the little guy. Thank goodness he won't remember a thing. 

They did find a vein at Starship, thank goodness!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

30 Day Challenge_6_Savory

Mmmmmmmmmmmm we love a bit of salsa with our yummy homemade burritos! 

nom nom nom...

Friday, September 12, 2014

30 Day Challenge_5_Paint

Levi was very proud of his painted handprint on his card he made for daddy this Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

30 Day Challenge_4_On The Move

These little guys were so hard to photograph cause they are forever on the move...

This was my favourite shot out of the lot that I took!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Just hanging out!

Just hanging out with this little guy while enjoying a yummy coffee...


Heheheee look at that expression on his face!

30 Day Challenge_3_Refreshing

Ok this was a challenge in itself. I thought I would have a go at taking a still shot of running water while washing an apple. It was the last apple in the fridge and Levi kept asking for it. LOL!!! I had to keep making up some excuse so that I could savour it for my photo! It didn't quite turn out the way that I wanted it to, but I guess practice makes perfect! Whenever I put the shutterspeed up it would darken the shot so I had to turn up the ISO which gave the shot a slight bit of noise!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

30 Day Challenge_2_Passion

Took me a while to think about this one. But I figured that one word would sum it all up. I love being #creative and I create things with #passion! Whether it be crafty things like making cards, painting or sewing... to having a love for capturing everything and anything my boys do in a photograph... to thinking about #creative ways to make a study for my Mummy Coffee Group seem interesting...

Yep totally sums me up!
Took a few shots trying to have the rest of the words blurred and making the
meaning of #creative clearer.

Made with love, doily, camera, nature, love hearts...
Just a few of the rubber backed stamps I own.
Things that I absolutely love!

Monday, September 8, 2014

30 Day Photo Challenge_1_Bright

Last week was literally the worst week of my life and defiantly nothing was looking very bright. My 9 month old was at Starship Children's Hospital battling a condition called intussusception (click on the word to find out more about the condition if you are interested). It was the most terrible experience I have ever gone through and could never wish it upon anyone else! On the #bright side, praise God for praying friends and family. He is back to normal... smiling and giggling!

On our first day of being back home we had a visitor who surprised me with some really beautiful #bright flowers. We have such a boyish house that there are never flowers in our house Heheheheee... So I totally appreciated receiving them.