Friday, January 23, 2015

A new year has begun!!!

I know so super late. But I have had a 30 Day Photo Challenge that I needed to finish that took me way more than 30 days. I was posting pics on a social media page with a few other friends, but for some reason everyone seemed to slack off and not post pics anymore. I've just kept going because I have grown to love my camera so much that I am really enjoying learning to use it and discovering all the crazy things I can do by just taking a photo. Even my husband has started getting annoyed with me bringing my camera everywhere. LOL I found an article I think he should read called "8 things you should know if you are dating a street photographer"

Before this year began I decided to do a 365 day photo challenge that I will be doing on my own. Got a bit of inspiration from which really helped. I decided to choose a 52 week challenge. But I decided to take photos of the one word every day of the week it numbered, if that makes sense. So my first word was 'resolution' and I just took pics everyday of things that I saw or realized was something new I wanted to get stuck into this year. Here is a link to the 52 weeks of photo inspiration I chose to do 52 weeks I have created an album on my Facebook page. But you won't be able to see them unless you were my friend. The other crazy thing is a friend of mine added me to a 365 Project page. I think it is so much fun because I don't know any of the people in the group, but everyone takes such amazing pics. Such a lot of inspiration.

So I will post each weeks photos up every end of the week. Especially for some family members who don't have FB. Been an adventure so far learning some new tricks with my camera.

30 Day Challenge_30_Missing

A bucket of soldiers is something Levi has been asking for for a while now. My sister bought him these ones for a Christmas present and as you can see already they are missing there hands. They were only cheapy ones so easily broken. And yes of course I occasionally find Asher chewing on something green. Either a soldiers hand or a piece of a gun. Hence why Levi hides away to play with them or plays with them on the dining room table.

30 Day Challenge_29_#fromwhereistand

Today was so beautiful, hot and sunny that I decided to water the plants in the front planter. Levi decided to wet himself with the hosepipe. I ended up putting water in their little paddle pool and put a chair closer so that I could put my feet in too. Asher still a bit scared of water so he cries every so often. Was so nice even just to have my feet in the water.

30 Day Challenge_28_You

My little family and I went on a bush walk yesterday! The little head in the shot is Asher in the frontpack. Oh my life!!! What a crazy workout doing the uphills and downhills with this little guy strapped to me. This morning when I woke there was way too much pain in my upper legs and calves to even think about a session of Zumba. It was lots of fun but also very tiring. Poor Levi said at one point.... Mum we need to go home now, I'm tired!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Family day out!

Bought some vouchers online last week or maybe even the week before to go to Crystal Mountain. Levi for some reason thought that we were going to the zoo. So the whole morning I was getting told about all the zoo animals we will be seeing today. He has an absolute love for dinosaurs. I just kept reminding him that we were going to see the dinosaurs. Ha only when were driving there did he realize where we were heading. This was his third time at Crystal Mountain, so he totally knew what to expect and forever running ahead of us.

Here are some pics to enlighten you on our fun family day!

30 Day Challenge_27_Scenic

We took a drive out today to Crystal Mountain and I thought why not take a pic of this scenic view.

Monday, January 19, 2015

30 Day Challenge_26_Bitten

Yummmmmmmmmm it's that time of the year where we buy so much corn and have enough to nibble on when need be.

Friday, January 16, 2015

30 Day Challenge_25_One Inch

Today I had a bit of fun thinking of things around my house, inside and outside that might be one inch! Not many things I tell ya!

#two in one inch

#so tiny
These I found in the grass... You know those annoying little weed flowers that just tend to grow everywhere. I think they are just so beautiful!

#blue peg

I love using these tiny pegs when making cards. They are just the cutest little things. So tiny!

#empty cello-tape ring

#a bit of fun
I found an empty cello-tape ring. I thought with the inside being exactly one inch I could create the illusion that Cleo's head could be one inch. I took heaps of shots doing this, but this one was totally my favourite.

30 Day Challenge_24_Jump

My next challenge was to take a photo with the word jump. I took a few shots similar to this one. I was concentrating so hard on getting it right that I didn't even take notice that the tv was in the shot. Funny enough the lady on the tv seems to be quite impressed with my jump HA! Had a lot of fun doing these shots! Asher was asleep for over two hours and Levi was out for the day with hubby!

Monday, January 12, 2015

30 Day Challenge_23_Symmetry

Having a bit of a play around with this one. I've done a bit of research and every photo looks so amazing. There is no way I am going to fabricate an amazing location like the ones I saw. So I thought I would have a go at trying to create my own symmetry image! Not perfect, but worth a shot :)

Friday, January 9, 2015

30 Day Challenge_22_Vintage

These beautiful earrings use to belong to Grandma Grace, my husbands grandma. I haven't brought myself to wear them yet. She will be turning 87 this year. Such a lovely old lady. She use to wear them back in her day when she use to have holes in her ears. Been a while since she has worn any earrings hence the holes have closed. She gave them to me because she felt the need to pass them on. So precious!

30 Day Challenge_21_Branding

A few years ago I created this name for myself. And started this blog.... and the list goes on. This is my business cards that I designed. I have made stickers with my logo on it to stick on the back of cards that I make.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

30 Day Challenge_20_Blue

Having boys we have so many blue things in our home. But I thought I'd take a shot of some of our clothe nappies. The best way to make my disposable nappies last a bit longer. We are home most days so these totally work for me.

30 Day Challenge_19_Match

Oh my goodness I love these! I saw them at a shop on special and bought them as if I totally needed them. I just thought they were so cute. They could be used for spreads or cheeses or whatever you fancy! Believe it or nor I bought them years ago and probably only used them once. Heheheee they are just too precious!

30 Day Challenge_18_Stretched

Ha I have never been shot with one of these before, but I'm guessing OUCH!

Monday, January 5, 2015

30 Day Challenge_17_a gift

#a gift
This year was the first time we as a family decided to to take part in filling up a shoebox with goodies for a kid in a country that might never get anything for Christmas. We had so much fun filling it up and explaining the Levi who the #gift is for and why we are doing this. We created our box for a boy who would be the same age as Levi. Everytime he would see that ad at kindy he would say... We buy the present for the boy! Was such a nice way to teach empathy to our boy. I tried to take a pic of Levi holding the box, but all the pics were not too good.

30 Day Challenge_16_Glow

Been taking on the challenge this year to learn to use my camera to it's full extent. I took this photo using a technique called bokeh! This was my first ever attempt and I think it looks so pretty. I just created it by using my Christmas lights that I still have up.