Thursday, March 19, 2015

My parents

#my parents
love these two always!


My uncle Romy

My aunty Rita
It was their first time coming to visit us in New Zealand. The time went by so quickly, but it was such an amazing time together. There was a lot of long drives, dinners with lots of food and just good old fun times together. It was a month of treasured memories and will not be forgotten. Love you both. And will definitely see you again one day. Our boys miss you both lots. Levi always reminds that you have gone home and you are both very far away.

Coffee time...

I am a sucker for a good cup of coffee. There was one week where I ran out and oh my goodness I had to drink tea. It was okay but I needed my coffee fix.

Favourite photos I took in February!

using a macro filter for the first time

#dramatic light
me dancing around with an LED in the lounge

that's my street coming up on the left

I loved this photo

#happiness is...
finally driving home after a long day of visiting family at a campsite.

from my joural

My favourite photos i took in January...

boys enjoying a bubble bath

Love driving through this tunnel

#what I wore
My favourite 30th birthday present!

#fine art
just beautiful

#beginning with A
there are always ants hanging out on our deck

this little guy had chicken pox and was so fighting having a nap.