Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day-6 A Sacrifice!

At the moment I am pregnant with baby no.2 and to me for the nine months I think there are a lot of things I have to sacrifice. So many yummy foods I have to give up at this time like sushi, medium-rare steak, soft cheeses, chocolate mousse, a runny egg ahhhhhhhhh the list could go on forever. Well that is for me. I try my best to stick to the lists on all the handouts I get from my midwife to only eat fresh cooked meals and all the rest of it. How many pregnant woman actually do what they are told who knows!!!

Also people tend to love to ask about morning sickness... Did you have morning sickness? Who cares, that only lasted for so long for me... it's more the rest of the time when you get bigger and can't think of what to wear? How to tie your shoe laces? How to bend down to cut my toe nails? Having baby-brain and starting a conversation and halfway through the sentence not knowing what you were actually wanting to say! Being really forgetful! Sitting in a comfy couch and taking forever to get up out of it. Having to go to the toilet what feels like every 5 minutes. Don't even mention trying to roll over in bed when you need to go in the middle of the night LOL.

I know totally sounds like I am having a moan!!!

But it's a good sacrifice to me because it only lasts for so long and then you have these little people surrounding you that need you 24/7 and it doesn't matter, because you just love them so much in a way that you can't explain.
Levi giving my 34 week bump a kissie...

Was trying to take a pic of my bump with my feet sticking out the bottom and all this while standing on my bed. But Levi thought we were meant to be jumping on the bed. I took so many pics, but this was my favourite!


  1. lol I love it! I was going to take a photo of my postbaby flab but i didnt think people would apprciate it. Love the photos! well done

  2. Lol it's my first ever doing the naked tummy pics and displaying them on the net. But Levi was just so cute and I thought why not.