Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day-4 A Recent Achievement!

A very helpful list I found on that totally worked for us... eventually!

Came home from Mainly Music, had a snack/lunch & nap-time. (usually would be around 2 or 3pm)

Fast asleep with teddies, trains and goodness knows what!
For any mum who can relate to this will totally know that this is an achievement.

My husband and I decided that neither of us want to stay with Levi in his room anymore at night while putting him to sleep. We were those parents that rock, sing, stay in the room with our baby until he was fast asleep... which is just tiring in itself. We knew it was going to be a struggle with a lot of tears and us having to be strong. We found a list on that had really good tips on how to go about it. After a few weeks of sticking to the new routine, it became easier to put him to bed at night and have him stay there even with the door wide open.

It took months for him to enjoy nap-time. It became a real struggle for me. He only ever wanted to nap on the couch, I couldn't get anything done that way only because it would take him forever to fall asleep. Just this week beginning on Tuesday he decided to tell me that it's nap-time and happily lying down to change his nappy, getting under the blanket and saying,'night, night!' I thought ok sounds good to me. Thinking he'd just be playing in his room... a few minutes later, fast asleep under the blanket, just where I left him.

My little person is growing up now. Love him too bits!

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