Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day-28 Your Favourite!

I have taken so many photos since having my camera, but I thought of having a look through the earlier photos that I took when I just got it. I still didn't really know how to use it then and was just snapping away. Also funny enough I didn't know how to use it in auto mode so these pics I took in manual mode.

I can see you...

Love the big cuddles...

These were taken on our favourite bush walk. Log Race Track! It is a road you you turn off while driving on your way to Piha Beach. Since we were going out and we were way more fit than we are now we use to be keen enough to do this walk every Saturday. It is a good 2 hour walk to Keri Keri Beach. We love the scenery throughout the walk. It also depends what time of the day you go. The oceans and the mountains just look so beautiful. The rest of the pics of this walk will be in the next two blogs.

This was our first bush walk with Levi. Clearly he didn't walk that much and poor daddy had to carry him most of the way. There are a lot of steep bits as well as downhills. But we survived it and loved showing him our favourite walk. I guess when the kiddies are old enough it will be the one thing we will be doing very often.

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