Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mondays with Nana!

For the last two years since Levi was born I've been spending every Monday at my mum's place. I took advantage of the fact that I can just sit on the couch and read magazines that mum has piled up somewhere in the lounge, or just relax while Levi gets Nana going on every game that he can think of. I also really wanted to make every effort to have one day set aside that Levi gets to hang out with Nana and Grandpa (although Grandpa only gets to see the grandkids for less than an hour before I have to head off home). My mum is such a sport and will play all sorts of games with Levi. Since he can talk all we hear is "Come oooooonnnnn Nana!"Where as Asher has just started smiling and making sounds. He will have his turn to wrapped Nana around his finger!

Hitting a ball on the floor using table tennis bats.

He is so good with aiming where it needs to go and super fast too.

All smiles for Nana

A bit of playtime out the front of the house.

Time to cool of in the paddle pool.

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