Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day-13 Something to look forward to!

Well this year Christmas we will have our newest addition to the family join us, baby no.2 (due 1st Dec). It's going to be a very busy, yet sleepless time of the year for me. I am totally looking forward to it. At least this time around I know what I am getting myself into :) I have no idea what we will be doing in regards to Christmas day, but oh well... we'll just have to wait and see. I am not one to cart a new baby around so I say we're having Christmas at our house this year. It will be a fun first Christmas for baby no matter what!

I am also looking forward to the coming years and all the fun things we will do as a family. Having family traditions and passing those onto our boys. Makes me think of days to come where we will reminisce on the past and all the memories we made together as a family. My family use to camp every end of the year holidays and those were the best times of the year and one of the things I will never forget. We love camping and will definitely be carrying that on...
We love music and singing! There is no doubt that Levi loves music and is totally crazy about the drums! Oh dear! It's all good though, I love it <3 For as long as I can remember we have always been involved with music in church. I would love for my kids to grow up loving Jesus the way we do and love to Praise & Worship him in song!

I look forward to the future with my family!

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