Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Inspiration....

This is me at the moment. This photo was taken when I was 33 weeks pregnant. At the moment I am 38 weeks. This bump has given me so much inspiration to get back into being as creative as I could possibly be. When I found out I was having a baby my family and some close friends were the only ones to know until I was 3 months. My cousin bought me a book called Sustainable Baby by Debbie Hodgson. It is such a good read for mum's to be who want to 'consume less and live better.' I was really inspired by this book to make and create things for my baby. I started off by finding a free pattern on the internet to make my own cloth nappies. Oh they were such a delight to make.... I ended up making 14 of them. So my baby is going have the cutest bum ever. I received a cot wool duvet inner with no cover.... So I decided to make a duvet cover. I couldn't help myself. I started thinking of decorating the room with little things that I made starting with the curtains. That was easy because I work at a fabric, crafty shop that has all the supplies that I could possibly need. I customized the curtains by adding buttons all along the bottom. Hard work, but a lot of fun. I'm sure baby will appreciate it. It can always be changed at a later stage. I'll enjoy choosing what I want for the room while I have the chance. I painted little wall hangings using embroidery rings to display it, tied with a ribbon(I hung them on the inside of the cot for now). And the last piece that I have made is a painting of me holding my belly with a verse saying, "Every good and perfect gift comes from above..." James 1:17 I am looking forward to the little one's arrival. I will keep you posted.

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  1. Hi my darling sister...I am so proud of you for achieving so much...becoming a mummy is gonna be so awesome for you & inturn I will be an aunty..thank you...I look forward to seeing your dream unfold..LAKOOL is just the beginning.
    Love you always