Friday, February 15, 2013

birds on a wire...

In working progress
I have this thing for birds that gather on power lines. Most areas now where new houses are built power lines are no where to be found. So I appreciate still seeing power lines filled with birds. That was my main inspiration for this little project. I actually made it for a previous house we lived in to keep the warm air from the heat pump in one room only because we had no door separating the lounge from the passageway. I thought new house...... mmmmmmmmm...... what would we need a divider for. Well, my little cave that I sit in to create is more like a storage room. So I thought I could use the divider to cover the unpleasant looking shelving and at the same time be used to peg my inspirational research or cut out ideas onto it.

I still need to buy some hinges and then we will be all set. My dad built the frames for me. I found some fabric big enough to cover it. But it took me a while to put it all together.

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