Tuesday, October 15, 2013


2. Your favourite colour
Since I can remember my favourite colour has been blue - aqua, turquoise... I just love it.

I was thinking about how to show you what my favourite colour is and this is what I came up with. Displaying some of the things in my life that could in fact tell a little story about me. I'll begin from the top left hand corner.

Pens - I love writing cards, notes, letters, doodling...
Craft paper - I make cards and this is one of the paper pads I have to make cards for guys.
Earings - love them!
Subaru model car - was a toy of my late Father-In-Law.
the noisy book - first colourful book I read to Levi that he absolutely loved.
Hersheys kisses - love chocolate!
Napolean eye shadow powder - my sister bought this for me and it never seems to run out.
Buttons - I have sooooooo many...
Shoes - Levi's first and only blue pair of shoes that I love.
Dolphins - love them! Went through a phase where everything I owned had dolphins on it!
Building blocks - wooden toys are so the way to go, non-breakable and safe!
tiny pegs - Love using them as embellishments on cards that I make.
But God - my life wouldn't be what it is today without God. Love Him!
Necklace - gift from a cousin one year for Christmas. Love!!!
notebook - a notebook to write thoughts, memories, quotes... it's always in my lounge ready for me to write something in it.

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