Friday, February 15, 2013

all things ROUND...

Working on some out door deco. 
We recently had our deck extended and it has been so nice to be able to sit out there again and enjoy our meals. With having a little one and not have a fence or a gate can be a bit of a problem. LOL. So we have been waiting patiently for it all to be built. Finally there is a finished deck with fence and gate. We are still working on getting a latch attached. In the meantime a few bricks are doing the trick of keeping it locked.

There are some built in sections now where we are able to plant things.... So might consider that good old vege garden.

Our new deck YAY!!!
I have also thought it would be nice to have some beautiful creations hanging AROUND while we sit out there. So this little ROUND fiddly creation will soon be getting some more friends to keeps us company. I'll be sure to post some pics of the finished product when I eventually get there.

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