Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day-12 Something that Overwhelms you!

Well to start off by saying there are so many things that overwhelm me. And I was thinking about something to do for todays photo.

But when we went on our little family road trip to Hahei Beach yesterday... Wow!!! the view while driving was amazing. The ocean view while relaxing on the beach was beautiful. And we took a little drive up to the beginning of the walk to Cathedral Cove and I just loved it. And while sitting stuck in traffic with all the holiday makers making there was home, it was so nice to able to watch the sun go down behind those green hills.

I guess I can say that I am totally amazed and overwhelmed by our God who created such a beautiful land for us to appreciate.

Just beautiful

On our way to Hahei

Hahei Beach

Cathedral Cove Lookout spot

To the left of the previous shot

Watching the sunset while stuck in traffic 

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