Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day-7 Your Guilty Pleasure!

St. Heliers
Yesterday because the boys were so tired they had the longest naps. Yes hubby and son totally zonked out! I was like what the!!!! When they woke, more than an hour later I decided that we were going on a little drive. We were intentionally going to Mission Bay, but as always a 'mission' to find parking so we just kept driving to St. Heliers. Treated ourselves to some yummy Bakers Delight savories and sweet breads and found a comfy bench and has a picnic. Of course Levi couldn't sit still after he finished that sweet bun LOL. He started climbing trees and all sorts. So we walked back to Kahve Restaurant and bought me a yummy Cappuccino.

Mmmmmm Cappuccino in hand while daddy has playtime with Levi.
I thought since daddy is around why not indulge in my guilty pleasure, a delicious coffee, while daddy runs around and keeps an eye on Levi. We ended up hanging out in the playground till after 6pm. How delightful!

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