Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day-30 Something Beautiful!

Well day 30 has arrived, which means this is the end of my photo blog until next time. I have absolutely enjoyed it. I only know of a few people who actually took the time to read through each blog and now feels like they know me a bit better. The funny thing is I was going to plan to do this blog on my own to help me use my camera more often, but great minds think alike right Libbee and Becs. It's been an awesome experimenting time. I am sure when the new baby arrives my camera will be working over-time.

Some pics that I took on our Piha scenic bush walk that I thought were just beautiful... Here they are...

Piha Beach in the distance.

Close ups

I love taking pics of the sun through the trees.

Keri Keri Beach in the distance