Friday, February 7, 2014

15 years.....

Wow I can't even believe how fast time really just flies by! 15 years ago my older sister and I arrived in New Zealand from South Africa to start afresh. It was so hard at first, everything about NZ was just so slow and so behind. Where SA was so loud and crazy and so much fun. Took us a few months to adjust to the lifestyle and even longer to grow to love being here. Deep down in my heard SA will always be home. Afrikaans is the norm! People tend to think because we live here we can't speak or understand it anymore. REALLY!!! Come onnnnnn... Ons taal, bly ons taal!

So much has happened in these 15 years. Good and bad! But lets just focus on the good. Looking forward to many more wonderful years in beautiful NZ!

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