Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter Holiday Away!

Last year our family and a few of our friends decided to go camping with kiddies... not such a great idea in the rain and in the cold. This year as crazy as it seems we decided to take a +-3 hour drive to go off and stay in cabins with our kiddies..... Mmmmmmmm A bit of crazy fun. We drove from Auckland to Rotorua! We tried our best to make the most of our time away! I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

The long drive down

Found some time to play

and sleep

I just love these tiny fingers

Kiddie swim time in a thermal pool

Having a look at the place

Couldn't just walk by had to take a shot

This was a bit of bubbling in a random puddle

Mmmmmm the number of our cabin

Our home away from home

These were some tourist that were roadtripping together and all in identical RV's

There were just so many all over the ground


Awwwww look at that gorgeous girlie

I need to totally climb the fence to see the sheep mum

Feeding the guinea pig grass he just pulled from the ground

We brought this camp light along as a nightlight. was such a good idea

Redwood Forest

Thanks Libbee for taking this pic

I had so much fun in the short time of being in the forest, could totally get lost here.

I ask them to smile, they prefer jumping

Love this...


Back home again!

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