Sunday, September 14, 2014

30 Day Challenge_7_Ouch

Well this is totally as sore as it looks. This I took the first night we were in hospital with Asher. Waitakere Hospital would not send us to Starship Children's Hospital until Asher had an IV in his leg or hand. They needed to put fluids in his system before we could leave. And crazy as it sounds no one could find a vein. I lost count of how many doctors had a turn trying to poke and prod his tiny body looking for a vein. After about an hour or so they gave in and decided to use this method... one of the doctors used a drill to rather get a needle into his bone because the vein just was not an option. The whole experience was traumatic for the little guy. Thank goodness he won't remember a thing. 

They did find a vein at Starship, thank goodness!

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