Monday, December 1, 2014

Children's Service!

Since Levi turned 3 this year he moved form being in the creche on a Sunday morning to going to Sunday School. His class is called Shining Stars! He was super scared in the beginning to stay and hang out with his new teachers and new friends that he still needed to make. I stayed with him the first 3 weeks only because if I tried to disappear he would make such a scene. Finally he became a bit more confident and enjoyed it enough to not even care to say goodbye to me when I dropped him off.

For the past few weeks he needed to practice "My God is so Big so Strong and so Mighty" He insisted that he needed to practice with his friends not me. He also loved the thought that when he goes onto stage he is going to play the drums and one of his friends are going to play the guitar. I think he gets that thought from his daddy always going on stage to play the guitar.

He did so well. Doing the actions and all. A very proud mummy moment!

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