Monday, October 21, 2013

Day-8 A Gift From Someone!

I thought about this one..... and came up with three gifts. One I received years ago, one very recent and one I received today!

A gift I received years ago
When Quinton and I were still dating, which now feels like donkey's years ago, he bought me a ring which he placed in this jewellery box. No it was an engagement ring! It was much too soon then to pop that question. He was always full of surprises when we were dating. We walked past a random shop in the city one day and I really like the ring I saw in the window. Sorry to say I don't have the ring anymore... it was a very bling ring. Don't even have a clue where it might be. But anyways, if I ever said something was really pretty or I liked something he would make a way to surprise me by buying it for me. In most ways he hasn't changed. This time I would say I really like something, but will add that I don't want it, I just like it. LOL!!! This jewellery box is way too small these days to hold any of my jewellery, but I still love it so much. Don't think I could ever get rid of it.

A recent gift
My in-laws have recently done a bit of traveling and before they left my mother-in-law asked what would I love for her to bring back for me from Duty Free. Mmmmmmm the choices!!! I was running low on facial moisturizer, so that's what I requested. To my surprise I was gifted with this yummy facial moisturizer. I have never spent that much money on a moisturizer, so I treat it like gold. Been using it for a few weeks now and think I might have to invest in another bottle when this one is finished. It is so well worth it.

A gift I received today
We spend every Monday with my mum on her day off. Sometime during the day Levi brought me a few flowers at a time. Such a sweety!!! This was my little collection for the day. I forgot my camera at home, so had to wait till we arrived back home to take a photo of it. It's the only reason I have for them looking like they have totally had it. At least the little man always knows how to steal his mums heart!

While thinking of what pics to take for today... I was thinking of the reality that somethings can last forever, some for a while and some for not too long. Always appreciate the things you have while they last!

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