Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day-19 Something you wish to improve!

Since doing this 30-day-challenge photo blog, I have being trying to improve on my camera skills. Although it is a lot of fun at the same time it is also quite hard to get the right shot especially at night. So something I wish to improve is to learn to take amazing shots at night.

We lit up some sparklers on Sunday night which Levi absolutely loved. But poor little man was so scared and excited at the same time of the other sparkly things that made a little more noise LOL

I liked this photo... Levi looks like he has two faces. His moving but the sparklers are not!

Concentration, such hard work holding two sparklers.

With these two I had the camera on a tripod. This firework was dancing around all over the floor.
Trying to take the shot as someone else is setting off there fireworks, but was always just a tad too slow. 
The other thing I need to improve on is motion pics at night. Took some shots of our fireworks last night. We didn't get to do too many because of the rain.

This looks more like we made a fire.

Well fun for me Quinton decided to by me a photography workshop. I will be going on Monday night to learn how to take shots at night with a professional photographer as well as learn how to use my camera using the manual functions. Woohoo!!! Thank you hubby!!! 

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