Friday, November 8, 2013

Day-20 A surprise!

I was busy in our garage/studio/storeroom when Levi wonders in and has a scratch through the area where I keep all toys that he no longer plays with. Or I just put toys in that area that he is too small to play with. While minding my own business he found a toy that you put shapes into... I forgot that I put some wooden numbers in that toy, hiding them from him because he used to just throw them around the room and I was always worried I was going to loose some of the numbers. He was sitting pulling each number out and telling me what number it is. I was so SURPRISED because I know that he can count till 20 but didn't realize that he knew what each number was by seeing them. Proud mummy moment!! When he was little we did put a 1-20 number chart on his wall and he did start daycare a few months ago. So he is a learning little machine now. So cute.

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