Friday, November 8, 2013

Day-21 Your happy place!

Well my ideal happy place is sitting on a beach, toes in the sand either reading a book or a magazine with just quiet around me. But whatever haven't had that for a while. Last time we were at the beach I probably only read for 20 minutes before it was my turn to keep an eye on Levi.

My happy place these days is a quiet afternoon when is having nap-time and usually I have an hour to relax. Read maybe a few pages of a book, play Candy Crush LOL while listening to some music. Something nice and soothing with not too much beat otherwise he would be awake way to quick. Today I thought I'd listen to Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite, so good. Nice and relaxing!!!! Haaaaaaaaa... Could even fall asleep myself.

I'm enjoying it while I can. Only because within the next few weeks when Levi is going to have nap-time there will be another little person keeping me company. Who knows what is going to happen then. :)

Been sleeping for more than an hour already... Totally not complaining!

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