Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day-23 A recent splurge!

Well I can't remember when last I spent a ridiculous amount of money on something other than our recent new family wagon. We own a Toyota Bb, but we thought it was by time we bought a car that had 7 seats since we have a growing family. LOL! We bought a Toyota Sienta, we need the boot space for the bigger buggy and just for those in case moments when we will be taking some extra passengers other that our own kiddies. Some people might not like the look of our new car, but it is really cheap on petrol and so nice to drive. Just wish the DVD player actually worked! Would have been way cool! When we had our alarm installed the guy was trying to convince me that he could do a good deal for us to get a new DVD player installed that would come with a navigational system and all all sorts of other goodies and it will only cost us $500... I was like yeah sounds great! Just hurry up and install my alarm so I can get out of here. Yeah right I was prepared to pay that much!

Our Toyota Sienta

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