Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day-24 Something you cherish!

Well when I was young I spent a lot of those years at my grandma's place. There were a lot of little antiquie things I wish I could keep forever. She always had glass display cabinets full of glassware, and just stuff. I loved her house because there were so many old things. I remember those years like they were just yesterday. Both my parents worked when we were really young, so Ma(my dad's mum) looked after us(Geraldine & I). Nothing wrong with that.
This is as close as my camera would allow me to get to show you the detail of the top. Old and fading...

Held it in my hand to show how tiny it is.

This is a tiny Coca Cola bottle I took one day from Ma's house. I know, how naughty *Smacking my hand* I don't exactly remember when I took it, but it was a loooooong time ago. It is something I cherish a lot. I keep it in my jewellery box. I have always been thinking of making it into a charm for a necklace, but then I am too scared I might loose it. It is the one thing I can feel and look at that instantly reminds me of those fun young years... Thank you Ma!

Also when I was young I use to collect and safe keep just any old thing. My mum can tell you all about that. I guess that's why till today I still collect and keep things, but this time in cute jars or tins.
Back in the day I had this 'purple case' that would hold all my precious things like my diaries, letters, shells... I think I found the case when we lived in Cafda when my dad was the caretaker at my mums work. They always had a day when you could just have a rummage through and keep old books, records, suitcases, just things that other people no longer wanted. Well I found my beloved 'purple case' and to this day still have it.

My 'purple case'

I still have the key to lock it.

Just a bit of rusty detail.

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