Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day-22 Something you miss!

These pics were taken at Hahei Beach when we were there in April.

I know I have so much on my blog already about the beach. I just really miss 'home' (Cape Town) sometimes for the beach. We only had white sand beaches. None of this black sand that gets stuck in between your toes and takes forever to wash off. LOL!! Back home we lived close enough to the beach to get there in a 20min drive and it was safe enough to swim anytime of the day. I'm only saying that because it looked a lot like Piha Beach which a bit of a drive away... but I dare not swim at Piha, just love the look of it and to put my toes in the water.

I was one of those kiddies that if I knew we were off to the beach for the day... the minute we arrived at the beach I would be in the water with my boogie board and only come out if I was hungry. I was pretty much a water baby. I absolutely love the ocean! We don't swim at the beach anymore as often as we use to because the beaches we have grown quite attached to in New Zealand are just so far away from where we live. So really it becomes like a total day trip to get there and so much hard work with having a little one. If I go back to Cape Town one day, I am definitely going to spend a lot of my time at the beach.

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