Friday, November 15, 2013

Day-25 Something you consider a triumph!

Well we set ourselves the challenge to do a bit of motion photography... Mmmmmmmm I missed out on the night trip to the bridge at the motorway to taking shots using shutter speed with the girls. So I set up my own little challenge at home. Me, my camera, a mini torch and my trusty tripod. I did a few shots really not worthy of posting because I was still experimenting and had no idea what I was doing. I set the the tripod up in my passageway and started off just playing around with the setting on the camera using it in Manual mode S. I did a few 15 sec shots and then tried out a few that were 30 sec. I had a bit of fun.

15 sec attempting to do a heart, looks more like a fat peach.

15 sec pretty good at attempting to do a circle.

30 sec I love this one. Looks so organic and I love how I have kinda disappeared because of all the motion. 
I consider it a triumph... Learning how to use the setting on the camera is a challenge in itself. But finally figuring certain things out and with them working the way I want it to is a total bonus.

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